10 Reasons Why  Small Businesses Need A Website

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website?

Small business is an integral part of our economy. Every business aims to solve a problem and create a value in doing so. This is particularly true for small businesses. They provide a product or service that fulfils local needs and can meet requirements for large business.

Reason To Need A Website

The importance of having a website for small business are many, but often they can have difficulty creating, sharing and spreading their message to a larger audience.

Websites of any product or service are today's version of establishing credibility and trust. Website Development Company In Delhi is making such websites that attracts consumers to make instant decisions, whether to make a purchase or not.

According to a recently published report

  • A person's eye takes just 2.6 seconds to focus on a particular element of a webpage when it loads.
  • In the USA about 71% of the small businesses understand the importance of a digital presence and indeed have created a website.
  • In the UK a massive 60% of small business still have no presence online.
  • A recent report published by IBM found that 43% of US consumers prefer to buy online.

Benefits of A Website For Small Business

As a small business, it's difficult to have a big budget to invest in an online strategy. There are some easy steps one can follow to start reaping the rewards of having a website, read more to know, how an online presence of your business can increase your sales figure.

Benefits of A Website For Small Business

1. Be Accessible

The key to getting the most of the website is to make your business as affordable as possible, let people interact in a way they prefer. Nowadays, customers are online round the clock, they expect to be able to interact with the organisation as per their need. Obviously, that doesn’t mean having your presence on each and every channel.

It means being clear about which are the channels your customers use more frequently. At the fundamental level, this means a basic, professional looking website with easy to find and relevant information about your business.

2. Think Local Before Going Global

Focusing on online touchpoints means building relationships with clients and potential customers and turning it into offline customs like trust building, loyalty, engaged customers who can back time and again. You can also link your sites on Social Networking Sites, Local directories and building partnership with other businesses.

3. Showcase Your Product and Services to A Larger Audience

A website is a platform where one can showcase their products and services along with detailed specifications and prices. Depending on the occasion discounts and sales can be offered in order to increase customer base.

4. Marketing Opportunities Increase From A Local Audience to A Global Audience

Your business need not be restricted due to geographical limitations, you can offer your products and services to a large and global market. Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Internet Marketing are other channels which can be used to increase your business potential.

5. Digital Sales Conversion Saves Time and Labour

Since your business is open 24x7, the chances of increasing the sales figure will increase at a reduced labour cost and time.

6. Track Customer Behaviour

Business owners can track the performance of the marketing channel and at what point are they losing their customers, as per the data generated by analytics. Marketing Strategy can be reformulated.

7. More Cost-Effective Than Brick and Mortar

Small business owners who have only brick and mortar presence for their business, should ask themselves whether they need a website for their business, so as to expand their business. Having online store is more cost-effective and easy than brick and Mortar store. The online store has many advantages like spending on manpower will reduce drastically, increased sales and brand awareness.

8. Generate New Business Leads

People are searching online for each and everything from solution to their personal problems to information about the products and services they need. With a well-designed website, one can position their company to fulfil their needs. Hence increase their customer base and increase their sales.

Generate  New Business Leads

9. Build Your Business Trust and Credibility

Reviews and testimonials from your existing customers can help you build your online credibility. So that when a person visits your website, they are confident to make a deal.

10. Get Ahead of Your Competitors

While your competitors are still busy with the offline business model, the website will define your new business height and help you save your precious time and money both.


To conclude, big impact doesn't have to mean big budget when it comes to the internet. It's all about being relevant, consistent and accessible online. Keep these three things in mind and you'll be well on the way to succeeding in using the web to create a slick, professional window display for your offline business.