Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

10 Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

The days of designing a website for a desktop or laptop are truly over. Rapid expansion in technology and handheld devices has led website designers to rethink how their work is displaced across various devices.

What Is Responsive Web Design

Responsive website development is an approach which allows design and code to respond to the size of a device screen i.e. it gives you the optimal viewing experience whether you are looking at a 4-inch android mobile or your 12.9 inch iPad mini.

Responsive Web Design Feature And Benefits

DPM IT Solution is one of the best responsive website designing company in Delhi and NCR. Responsive web designing is based on three core development principles.

Why Use Responsive Web Design

Advantage Of Responsive Web Design

As we have seen what a responsive website design is and its core principles. Letus dive in to see, how a responsive website design is better than a unresponsive website designing.

1. Improved User Experience and Usability

A responsive website is more users friendly and at the same time, it gives better user experience. It leads to better user engagement i.e. the user will find the required information easily. As a result, the user will spend more time on your website. Thus improved user experience and site usability will lead to more word of mouth marketing.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

A responsive website leads to better user experience and since the user is able to easily find the required information. The chances of user ending up in availing the service or making a purchase increases.

3. SEO Friendly

In 2015, Google took into account the responsiveness of the website as one of the factors which will determine the ranking of a web page on the search engine result page (SERP).

4. Boosted Social Sharing and Increased Content Marketing

Since a user is able to access the digital space as per his or her convenience and using responsive designing a website can be accessed on any device. So a content which attracts the user will result in being shared on various social media platforms.

5. Increased Website Optimization

Responsive website tend to load faster across all the handheld devices. Because of responsive images and fluid grid, it takes significantly less amount of time for a website to load.

6. Easy to Manage

As per a report the number of mobile phone users has increased drastically, and responsive website will allow a user to access the required information on the go as per his or her comfort. Thus, resulting in better user engagement and increased sales.

7. Lower Bounce Rate

Since content on the responsive website is made in such a way that it increases the user engagement by making it user friendly . So the chances of a user exiting just after viewing first page will reduce drastically

8. Consolidated analytics and reporting

A single responsive site will allow the user to track users journey, conversion and traffic details at a single point rather than juggling between sites to check performance.

9. Less Duplicate Content

Having a separate website for your business for a mobile and a desktop, will give you a difficult time to manage duplicate content. A mobile responsive website deals with duplicate content problems while writing a single URL regardless of the device being used to view the content.

10. Save Time and Cost

A primary benefit of adopting mobile responsive website is that it will reduce the time and cost to develop separate websites for a mobile and a desktop. Thus design and testing across various platform will also reduce.

Why Use Responsive Web Design

Disadvantages Of Responsive Web Design

Why Use Responsive Web Design

According to a recently published report

Thus, it is important to have a responsive website for a business irrespective of its size to succeed in today’s digital world.

Why Use Responsive Web Design

To conclude, a responsive web design is a mere concept that when implemented properly can improve the user experience. It has numerous benefits and it is important for enterprises to have a responsive website to increase its reach and sales.